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Micheal Scott

5stardryall did an amazing job in managing the water damage services for our basement. I called them at midnight when I found out about the flood. I called them right away and got a very quick respond from Bob. based on our agreement he came in next day first thing in the morning with his crew. I thought it will cost me an arm and leg to fix this water damage problems after just finishing the basement a month ago. They tried to save our contents and the structures much as possible while making sure that the area gets completely dry.
Their customer services, end result and the reasonable cost were beyond our expectation. Thank you so much Bob and Danny,….for your amazing professional job, well done. We recommend them to others if ever get stuck in flood and any water damage situation like us..


Bob and his helper did an amazing job. Great water damage restoration services. they were quick to respond, came in ontime ess than an hour. did amazing job in drying and reparing the water damaged areas. We recommend them. We will use their services if needed.


When our basement was flooded, couple of weeks a go, I was panicking so much. I thought it is going to cost me a lot to fix it. I called few companies online and 5 Star Restoration was one of the first one that responded quickly and made an appt. for next day at 6 am. They came in on time, and well prepared to work. In matter of ours they did what needed to be done and st up their equipment for drying. We had our basement back in 4 days , dry, fixed, carpet cleaned , stretched and dis infected , plus changed the under pad to new one. We were very impressed with their customer services and great job. Thank you Bob and his amazing professional crew. we recommend them to others.

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