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Flood & Water Damage Restoration

5 Star Dry All, 24/7 Flood Emergency & Water Damage Restoration Company offers Water Damage Restorations, Mould Remediation, cleaning and repair services for any flood and water damaged areas. We provide the best top quality green and professional restoration services both in residential and commercial areas in GTA. We work in accordance with the IICRC Standard, S500 for Water Damage Remediation, S520 For Mould Remediation.

We always choose the best Green, Eco Friendly and environmentally safe products and solutions in our restoration and cleaning services which is safe for human and pets. This will not leave cleaning sticky residues, odors or chaffed patches after our professional steam carpet and rug cleaning service.

Carpet Restoration

When you get flood in carpeted area, in most cases there is no need to change your carpet. Carpet should be saved by drying, disinfecting, scotch guarding, stretching and cleaning. The only thing must be changed is wet under pad. Under pad is like sponge, absorbs water and moisture where it could not be dried fully. If wet under pad left wet under the carpet, it will be the best environment and place for growing bacteria and mold over a short time. Eventually, that under pad has to be removed and the cost will be much higher to deal with bacterial infection and mold, plus dealing with all the related health issues that comes with it ( please read the mold section for more details). We provide and install all kinds of new under pads which are not expensive to replace. Wet under pad should be removed right away from the flooded and water damaged carpeted areas.

After taking out the wet under pad and fully drying the flooded areas, then we install new under pad under excising fully dried carpet. Then carpet needs to be stretched, disinfect, supper deep cleaned and scotch guarded.

After installing new under pad, it is time to stretch your carpet. Delaying the carpet stretching job can lead to permanent damage. If it stays to long the carpet may not ever lay flat again. The second reason to stretch your carpet right away is because over time as people step on the carpet wrinkle it will start to crack and then rip. Lastly it can be a health issue especially for the elderly. When the carpet snags your foot is easy to lose balance and those who are older are more susceptible to this and fall.

A simple way to know if it’s time to stretch is go to the center of the room and grab the carpet. Try to lift it up and then let go. If the carpet does not snap right back into place then you need to have your carpet re-stretched. It is important to do because it is an eye soar but also will actually decrease the life of the carpet.

It is very important that your carpet get scotch guarded right away before using in order to get the most benefit out of stain guarding. Carpet is a natural choice for any home. In any colour or pattern, is not only brings warmth and comfort to a room, but also creates a more relaxing environment. Once you’ve made the decision to enjoy all the qualities of carpet, you need to be sure that your investment is protected against everyday dust dirt and spills. The Scotch guarding your carpet gives you the reassurance to enjoy your carpet to the full Scotch guard protectors exceptional properties ensure your carpet is taken care of, as well as covering a range of other products, from garden furnishings and clothing to shoes and home furnishings.

The effectiveness of Scotch guard Protector at a glance:

  • Resists Soiling.
  • Spills can be blotted away more easily.
  • Long lasting protection.
  • Easier, more effective cleaning.
  • Preserves carpet’s appearance.
  • Protects you investment.
In water damaged areas, in most cases the baseboards needs to be removed to dry behind the baseboards. In some cases the drywall need to be cut as well to make sure the drywall areas get dried fully. After drying process done, which is about 3 – 4 days, then we provide fixing and repair services for dry wall, baseboards and painting from the water damaged areas where needed.


5 Star Dry All, 24/7 Restoration & Repair after Drying

5 Star Dry All, 24/7 Restoration & Repair after Drying

5 Star Dry All, 24/7 Restoration & Repair after Drying

5 Star Dry All, 24/7 Restoration & Repair after Drying

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