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“5stardryall did an amazing job in managing the water damage services for our basement. I called them at midnight when I found out about the flood. I called them right away and got a very quick respond from Bob. based on our agreement he came in next day first thing in the morning with his crew. I thought it will cost me an arm and leg to fix this water damage problems after just finishing the basement a month ago. They tried to save our contents and the structures much as possible while making sure that the area gets completely dry.
Their customer services, end result and the reasonable cost were beyond our expectation. Thank you so much Bob and Danny,….for your amazing professional job, well done. We recommend them to others if ever get stuck in flood and any water damage situation like us..”

Michael Scott

“Bob and his helper did an amazing job. Great water damage restoration services. they were quick to respond, came in ontime ess than an hour. did amazing job in drying and reparing the water damaged areas. We recommend them. We will use their services if needed.”

“When our basement was flooded, couple of weeks a go, I was panicking so much. I thought it is going to cost me a lot to fix it. I called few companies online and 5 Star Restoration was one of the first one that responded quickly and made an appt. for next day at 6 am. They came in on time, and well prepared to work. In matter of ours they did what needed to be done and st up their equipment for drying. We had our basement back in 4 days , dry, fixed, carpet cleaned , stretched and dis infected , plus changed the under pad to new one. We were very impressed with their customer services and great job. Thank you Bob and his amazing professional crew. we recommend them to others.”

“We used 5 Star dry all Flood Emergency great services for our Water leaking problems, mold, water damage problems , few weeks ago and I would like to write this review to thank them for their outstanding emergency services. We decided to try their services based on very nice customer reviews. Bob responded quickly to our e-mail inquiry and made an appointment. He came in with his crew for couple of hours later that day. We had few areas of our bathroom ceilings and family room that got damaged by leaking and needed to be fixed, and find the source of leaking. There was some darken areas of mold formation?, Bob was able to tell us exactly what was happening. He came in on time with two technician, after estimate and inspections we agreed to proceed with the services. They were punctual, professional and very caring towrads our concerns. We were very happy to do business with them and were also happy with he very clean and through job. No more leaking problem since and it is hard to say which part has been fixed. They also removed the mold from the area. We Strongly recommend their very outstanding customer services to others. Thanks Peter Smith from Toronto”

“5 Star Dry All had great flood and water damage services. They were very professional, friendly and efficient and very polite and caring people to deal with. From our e-mail request to completion of the job, they made sure we get best services possible. We could not honestly ask for better services. They dealt very well with our flooded basement from drying to disinfecting, cleaning and stretching the carpet. We were very happy with services with cost and we will use their services again and for sure we recommend them to others. all the best to Danny and his great emergency crew.”

“Basement Water leaking problem , Flood and Fixing Water Damage

Great Customer Services by 5 Star Dry All Flood Emergency Company. We used their services for our leaking problem causing flood and fixing the water damage in our basement. They were very quick to respond, Bob went over details of what is going to be done and the cost involved. They were very considerate, reassuring, knowledgeable and tidy through the whole process. Customer services were excellent, Job done professionally and in timely manner, They Saved as much as our stuff from the water damage. We would like to thank Bob and his great crew. We strongly recommend them to others.
All the best”

Sonia Bello

“We had flooded basement and called few companies for help, but no response from them, except Five Star Emergency company got back to us right away. With their over the phone quote and details we asked them to come in. Their crew came in promptly. They were very professional and efficient in dealing with the services provided, They finished up the restoration, repair and cleaning in 4 days. since we were very happy with their services we had them to clean our 3 large sized Persian rugs that they took to their plant to clean professionally. We were very pleased with their cleaning, restoration and emergency services and we strongly recommend them to others. Thank you Bob and your great crew.”

“5stardryall crew came in very quickly and were very professional. We were very happy with their services in managing the water damage problem in our basement. they also cleaned and steetched the carpet. We are very happy with their great waterdamage and cleaning services that we got. Thank you so much Danny and your very great crew. We recommend their services to others.”

“We would like to thank 5 star Dry All emergency company for taking care of our flood and water damage problem we had last week in our house. They were so quick to respond and get to our house in less than half hour. They were very professional and efficient with dealing with our flood problems. In 2 days they were able to work hard to complete the job to best possible way. We were very happy with their amazing team work and great customer services and the fair cost in realtion to amazing restoration job they did. Thank you Five star emergency crew.”

“Water damage and flood emergency services by Five Star

Our basement was flooded and we were panicking since the carpet was saturated with water and we thought it is going to cost a lot to take care of this. Our son quickly went online and found Five Star Flood Emergency on home stars site. Based on their great reviews and being on first page, we decided to give them a call, They were very quick to respond, they came in less than an hour. Bob patiently explained in details of the process involved in managing the situation, While the crew were quickly contained the water, extract it, got the under pad out , set up their equipment for drying. they took the baseboards out, and cut the drywall, it was very wet, after 4 days of having those air movers and so on working , the basement was dry, They did the fixing of the baseboards, and installing new under pad, stretching the carpet , finally steam cleaning the carpet, dis infecting and freshening of the basement. Thank you Bob and your professional crew for doing such an amazing job. We recommend their great flood emergency services to others.”


“I do not usually neither write review nor have time to do so, but I was very impressed with the greatest services that i got by 5stardryall. We would like to thank Bob and his crew for their quick response to our flood emergency call in late evening and also for their even greater services in managing it. It was done very professionally and skillfully. They were so considerate towards our stuff and saved them as much as possible from water damage in our basement due to rain. We were very happy with the water damage clean up and fixing it with very fair price. Thank you guys for the amazing services.”
Sue Lee

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