Basement Water Damage Prevention

How to prevent the basement from water leaks and water damage?

5 Star Cleaning has provided  Water damage restoration services to Toronto and GTA for over 28+ years.  As a water damage IICRC certified and professional team with years of experience, we would like to suggest some prevention tips to avoid costly water damage in your basement.  As our daily experience with flood emergency and water damage, 24/7 water damage restoration in GTA, most of this water-damaged basement could be easily could be prevented by homeowners.   In order to help homeowners to prevent the water damage and to avoid any cost and damage to your property, there are few simple but crucial checklist that you can do easily around your home. 

The following are a few points in how to prevent water damage in the basement water damage prevention or in general for residential or commercial areas.

 1.   Re-sealing your basement is one of the best preventions. Water Damage in the basement is often caused by cracks in building foundations or floor slabs.  If you notice water leaks in the basement after heavy rain or after melting heavy snow, which you never had such a problem, that means,  that your once-waterproof cement floors and basement walls have deteriorated.  It is time to fix it. 

2. Any water leaking in the basement needs immediate attention to find the source of leaking and fix it.  If you have water leaking problem in your basement after rain, or after heavy snow melting or leaking from a laundry machine, or faucet,… you need to repair them professionally. If left alone it gets worse not only will cause severe water damage but you will have mold formation.  When you get to this situation, get professional water damage restoration and mold remediation help in order to minimize the water and mold formation, and prevent cost. If you still leave your property in this situation, you will have mold all over your house, it will be a high health risk to your family and eventually lose your house which is not savable and insurance companies do not cover mold. 

2.  Painting vulnerable areas with water sealant can also prevent leaks if needed.

3. Make sure water drains from your roof point away from the building. The ground is exacerbated by soil that has settled in a way to make water flow toward the building. After a storm, and especially if the ground is already saturated, rainwater that flows towards the building goes down the outside of the foundation wall potentially through any cracks. This excess water builds up on the side of your house will cause the water to push into your home.

4.  make sure your home in the basement has a sump pump. What it does? It prevents sewer backing up into your home inside of moving sewer away from home to main city sewer. Though less common than other causes of basement water, sewer backups are messy and very serious and needs immediate professional water damage restoration services. If you have sewer water issues, get professional help since this water is contaminated. 

  • In conclusion, any water leaking, and water damage prevention is the key to a water damage-free home.  Checking your home for foundation, ant instructions due to dead leaves or debris around the home, all-seasons, mostly Fall and winter, and checking your basement frequently for any water leaks after rain or melting snow,… could save you thousands of dollars in water damage restoration and mold remediation. 

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