Water Damage Restoration for Hardwood and Laminate Flooring
Water Damage Restoration for Hardwood and Laminate Flooring 

There has been a big shift in flooring, and hardwood and laminate flooring have been very popular in all recent renovation projects. Hardwood flooring and laminate flooring have proven to be much more pleasant and easier to take care of. However, with water damage water damage to hardwood or laminate floors, it is very important to understand the steps necessary to have them saved.

Most hardwood floors and laminate floors are designed to withstand a certain degree of water. However, with excessive water flooding the hardwood floor or flood on the laminate floors, it is important to have professional remediation to save them. In most cases, the floors can be saved if immediately dealt with. One common mistake is to delay professional water damage restoration for hardwood floors and laminate floors. The longer the floors have been exposed to the water, the more chance they have of seeping under the hardwood or laminate flooring. Once the water has penetrated under the hardwood or laminate flooring, the chance of saving the floor drastically reduces. There’s no airflow or access to airflow under the floor, and that will directly translate to mold and mildew.

The process of saving hardwood floors and laminate floors during a water damage flood has to be immediate. The water will first be extracted using professional ninja extractors to remove the excess water sitting on the floor. Next, it is crucial to step up industrial fans to dry the area affected by water damage floods. Lastly, the dehumidifiers will remove the excess moisture from the air and the floor that the fans have evaporated. During a water damage remediation, the dehumidifier will be key to reducing floor swelling, removing moisture, and drying the area.

Water damage services in Toronto and GTA have a response time of under 2 hours when calling 5 Star Dry All https://5stardryall.ca
5 Star Cleaning professional water damage cleaning crew will arrive at any flood big or small. Our goal will be to remove and dry all moisture affecting your hardwood floors and laminate floors while reducing the risk of secondary damage. Dehumidifiers provided by 5 Star Cleaning are very important to rent for the basement. 5 Star Cleaning will help you reduce moisture and swelling in basements. Basements, with floods or not, will always have excess moisture, and having them dried will increase the health and lifespan of your hardwood/laminate floors.

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