Flood Restoration services
Flood Restoration Services

Water damage from Flooding is an emergency and unfortunately common disaster for residential and commercial properties where water damage is imminent. Water can damage anything that gets in touch with, like, carpets, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, other belongings, and the property itself, etc.…. where it causes secondary water, the damage is even worse if it does not get under control immediately and professionally. No one knows when it happens and we have absolutely no control over floods, or how much damage they can do. But, what we can do, is to act as quickly as possible when a flood happens, to prevent further damage, and mold formation, and to minimize cost.
Some people think wrongly that they can dry the water in any way possible with limited knowledge and leave it as it is to dry. Soon after they will start smelling bad odor in water-damaged areas and mold will take over. When water starts to move where it is not supposed to be, on walls, and floors, it will continue to move around and find its way down toward the basement as far as it can move, then it will wet and moist all the routes that took, some we can see, some we cannot, behind walls and so on, which only professional water damage technician can measure with moisture checks and a special camera. That is why we need to handle the water damage properly and as quickly as possible. Depending on the source and kind of water that damaged the property, it needs to be disinfected and handled professionally and differently.
For example, If water damage is sewage back up, then you have to throughout everything out including carpets too, That unfortunately, cannot be cleaned or disinfected to be reused. The disinfecting process is more delicate and urgent.
The best we can do is to get flood insurance and ensure that flood restoration is done right. Generally, professionals need to be called in whenever there is flooding, whether they exactly know how to handle the situation properly. With any flood damage, small or big, toxic mold will start to grow within 48 hours of areas getting wet and if not properly cleaned or disposed of, will continue to grow. Mold will be costly, dangerous to the health of any occupants at the property including pets and children, spread easily over the property, before you know it takes over the whole place, will be very expensive to clean up, and in some cases impossible to clean, where you have to demolish the whole house or property contaminated.
Water damage will require emergency water extraction from the water-damaged areas. This is usually done with large and strong water extraction machines that suck all the water. This is, obviously, the first step of flood restoration. It is a dangerous step because there is standing water, and the electricity is usually still on. You will need to call your utility service provider to get it turned off before the water is extracted. After removing all of the water, the deep dehumidification process begins with setting up numbers of Air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the areas in 3-4 days, Only professional water damage restoration technicians know, how many and where this equipment will be set up for maximum drying process result.
In some cases, the professional restoration people might remove the baseboards, and cut the wet walls for about 2 feet, or even make some holes in walls, floors, or ceiling, remove flooring, remove wet underpaid (dispose of it, since will not be usable, therefore new underpaid will be installed after drying process done) and carpet ( carpet can be cleaned and disinfected)depending on the water damage situation, make sure this drying equipment dry behind the walls and baseboards. All these processes are according to IICRC guidelines and it is approved by the insurance companies.
After all water-damaged areas are dried properly and professionally, then repair takes place. They can install new baseboards, in some cases they can use the old ones, new drywall, new under path for carpeted areas, and finally clean and disinfect the whole area.
In conclusion, Flooding and water damage is an unfortunate situations that can happen to anyone or anywhere without notice. What you know and have to control over, is how to act immediately to prevent any secondary water damage and mold formation and minimize the cost involved with further water damage. Flood Restoration Services Flood restoration services should be done by water damage restoration technicians who are certified and experienced with these kinds of jobs when they can help you 24/7 when it happens. Whether you have insurance or not, would not make much difference in how fast you can take control of the situation. Waiting for an insurance adjuster and getting confirmation takes a few days, as you can start taking care of the water damage with a reliable professional and they will provide you with an invoice and insurance will pay. Although water damage company, based on the kind of water damage you have, can inform you if this is covered or not by insurance.
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